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Stilrichtung: Stoner Doom aus Berlin
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Founded in 2004, ANDROID EMPIRE’s musical heritage lies in the vibrant doom and stoner scene of the early 2000s. The first, self-titled EP that was released in early 2008 showed that the band is well able to move beyond genre limits, presenting a gritty and powerful mixture of sludge, stoner rock, and traditional metal elements. In mid-2008, ANDROID EMPIRE decided to continue without vocals. The new all-instrumental material was released on the 5-track instrumental EP “The Old Bordello on the Hill of Sold Souls” in 2010.

Incorporating both progressive and classic metal elements, “The Old Bordello …” set the course for the ANDROID EMPIRE’s further development. After three years of songwriting, numerous shows, and an 18-month hiatus due to line-up changes, the band was finally ready to tackle their first full-length album “Monument” in June 2016. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Berlin’s one-and-only Studio Wong, “Monument” is a 60-minute ode to the riff merging ANDROID EMPIRE’s sludge roots with progressive, classic metal, and post-rock elements – a trip into a world of all-instrumental heaviness. Over the years, ANDROID EMPIRE have shared the stage with bands such as SAINT VITUS, BARONESS, TORCHE, KYLESA, PELICAN, BURNT BY THE SUN, and KARMA TO BURN.

glad to be on stage at ORWOhaus Festival again

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