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Stilrichtung: FeministIndustrialAvantRockEthnoTechnoSauvagerie
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A duo, from Italy and France, based between Agrigento and Faro. Voices, guitars, bass & computer. The PUTAN CLUB is standing for feminism, electricity, electronics & savagery – as if Jeff Mills was raping the Nine Inch Nails: groove and high tension. Trance, Dance and Challenge.
The PUTAN PLUB is intended as a resistancecell, characterized by a mode of doing (forceactions in various places) very close to the first plots of European partisans during the last world war and today by opponents from all over the world. Resistance is organized by the archaic and immediate means of our century: electric voices and rumors, tanks and counted words, like saying from cave painting to the most daring conceptualism, from avant-rock to contemporary classical music more brutal techno/house, from the kiss on the mouth to the kick in the ass …
The PUTAN CLUB does not belong to any church (rock, techno, jazz, avant, punk, world or what-the-fuck-ever) but claims the right to be all that, even more. And proved it, from Laâyoune to Beijing. Finally, the PUTAN CLUB collaborates regularly with other demons such as Lydia Lunch, Eugene S. Robinson or Denis Lavant.

With an average of more than 150 concerts a year, over 1500 concerts since its creation, regularly on Tour in Europe, China, Turkey, Africa and Central Asia as well as part of numerous festivals as Amplifest (PT), Bazant Pohoda ( SK), Tomorrow Fest (Shenzhen, RPC), Milhoes ( PT), Croisements festival (Beijing, RPC) the PUTAN CLUB is iconoclastic, violent, groovy and and resolutely feminist-revolutionary.
Gianna Greco : bass, vox, electronics
François R. Cambuzat : guitars, vox, computer, electronics

PUTAN CLUB is glad to rock on ORWOhaus Festival 2023

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