Tourbine Stollprona

Stilrichtung: Post-Rock aus Berlin
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Turbine Stollprona was founded by school friends from the suburbs of East Berlin. They found inspiration and camaraderie attending underground concerts underage round the turn of the millennium. This time witnessed an underground music scene that filled the cultural vacuum in the supposedly reunited capital. The band formed some years later in 2010 and since the first album has added a singer, and in the recent spirit of Berlins internationalism, has the frequent cameo of a former funeral trumpet player from Sicily, plus a new bassist from Manchester.

However there is one major aspect to Berlin and Germany generally that the band find hard to accept; its musical image of techno, house, and thoughtless hedonism. Clubbers do admittedly flock to Berlin for its reputation as the holy land of electronic music, but often ignorant of the roots of rebellion and innovation that were planted in the venues that now pump out generic techno.

It is with a nod of recognition to Krautrock bands such as NEU! and an embrace of post-rock that Turbine Stollprona operate. However they refuse to compromise their mother tongue. They want to show that the German language has its own unique melodic beauty and utility that fits with music typically sang in English, both to German bands that feel the need to sing in English, and to an international audience who perceive German-language music to be only capable of conveying rage such as Rammstein or Wagner. They want to challenge their audience, to demand attention, and most of all put them through a concentrated and cathartic variety of experiences and emotions that we all deal with in everyday life.


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